Rwendo Wines: The making of a Zimbabwean Wine Brand


The subject of wines is really one that is synonymous with western cape or the French vineyards and it was refreshing for us to come across Zimbabwean entrepreneurs who are blazing the trail in this space. We had a sit down with one of Zimbabwe’s upcoming vintners in the name of Tinashe Madziwa the co-founder of Rwendo wines and here’s an account of our interview with her.

Why Rwendo – what made you settle on this brand name?

Rwendo (The journey) describes the journey that we have travelled and all the hardships we have encountered. We wanted a brand name that encapsulates and resonates with our own journey, the obstacles that we have overcame and the futuristic goals that we aim to achieve. Furthermore, we wanted a name that our market could relate with, given we are all on a journey of life.

To what extent is your brand name critical in penetrating your market?

To a greater extent especially the local market context who understand what Rwendo means and thus would like to be associated with something they can identify themselves with. From an international perspective, we strongly feel the authenticity and storytelling behind the name will lend itself well with those consumer segments.

What is Rwendo Wines’ USP?

At Rwendo wines and we don’t just sell wine but we sell hope. Rwendo was birthed from hope and our Tsimba (Footsteps) range is a reminder that we should make the most of the time we have, leave an indelible mark no matter how great or small for generations to come.

What are the emotional and functional benefits of Rwendo vis a vis your competition both locally and internationally?

Our wines have a unique taste, something corroborated by customers who have tested our wines. In a market where we compete with established and renowned brands we really had to bring in something different and unique. Many people in our society have their own story to tell, they have travelled their own journey, it was of utmost important to create something that our customers would feel a part of hence they are supportive to this particular brand.

What lessons can you share in developing and building a brand locally?

It is incredibly challenging to build a brand and particularly of this nature but through hard work, perseverance, passion and determination you can. It takes one to be intrinsically driven.

What are your future brand plans?

We intend to have our vineyards grown here in Zimbabwe and have our wine pressed in Zimbabwe by so doing we hope to create job opportunities in the Zimbabwean wine industry


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