Lessons From Mambos Chicken Social Media Team

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The brand of the moment as far as social media is concerned undoubtedly is Mambos Chicken! We at the CMO have been thoroughly impressed by how Mambos Chicken has taken social media engagement to another level. As such, we have gleaned a few insights from which some brands can take a cue from to revamp their social media engagement efforts.

Timing is key

The potency of social media has always been firmly rooted in the ability of brands to create content in real time and this is what Mambos social media team has really mastered. Mambos chicked has been able to create relevant and timely posts drawn from viral, trending content (from Twitter or Facebook) or from any topical issue in the country. Below are a few examples of how Mambos consistently creates real time content based on what’s trending.

Brand Activation is a game changer

The idea of brands creating funny or controversial posts is not foreign on social media. Mambos chicken however, is going ahead and creating opportunities for activating the brand in their shop. This was aptly demonstrated when they took advantage of the trending Job Sikhala’s waistcoat. Instead of limiting themselves to a single post (which other brands did), Mambos created a brand activation opportunity through inviting Wiwa for a free meal and created a positive brand experience. This is the stuff of legends and sadly in Zimbabwe brands are confronted with such moments of truths with the customer but cannot take advantage due to beaucratic structures or just plain indecisiveness. Below are the screengrabs from the brand interaction which Wiwa had with Mambos!

Be consistent

A look at the high engagement on Mambos posts despite the limited number of likes (followers) they have, speaks to their consistency. Every brand assumes its own personality on social media and the key to unlocking value is through consistent expression of the brand values and personality. Mambos has never shied away from dabbling in controversial posts cutting across religion, politics you name it and their fans appreciate the sincerity and authenticity demonstrated by the brand.

In conclusion, Mambos is setting the pace for social media engagement in Zimbabwe and is dethroning Nandos as the kings of savage. The key lesson we draw from Mambos is one of originality, authenticity and consistent positioning. It is our hope that other brands can take a cue from what Mambos is doing and elevate their social media efforts.

You can check out Mambos Chicken Facebook page here and be sure to leave your comments.


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