How OK Zimbabwe could have salvaged the OK Grand Challenge


OK Zimbabwe cancelled the annual OK Grand Challenge citing the ongoing Covid19 pandemic lockdowns which has restricted movements and shopping hours. While the reasons for this decision are understandable, we are of the view that they could have salvaged the promo and use the covid-19 situation to promote their e-commerce store.

OK Zimbabwe has been aggressively promoting their e-commerce store across all channels and we feel a rejigged grand challenge promotion is what they needed to anchor this growth. The premise of the grand challenge is always the winning opportunity by customers coupled by low prices and the actual event itself. The covid-19 pandemic has definitely stopped holding the actual event but the promotion concept could have been modified to reflect the covid-19 “new normal”.

Here’s a few ideas which could have seen the promo being executed;

  1. Order online and stand a chance to win
  2. Buy, email your receipt ID to a WhatsApp Bot
  3. Buy and drop your entry coupon in a box

Do you think our ideas are far-fetched?


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