The Chief Marketing Officer is the marketer and non-marketer’s go to place and hub for all news, updates and information pertaining to the marketing fraternity in Zimbabwe. The authors draw inspiration from their former Chief Marketing Officer and share timeless marketing principles drilled in them over the years.

In the words of Peter Drucker, businesses exist to serve the customer through marketing and innovation, thus it is incumbent upon the CMO to connect the dots in the business and establish an environment, culture and strategy to serve customers profitably. The CMO will thus share nuggets, strategies and tips in the hope of inspiring other marketers and would be marketers to rise up to the upper echelons and become the fulcrum of the entity.

Mission of CMO
To fill the information gap within the marketing fraternity in Zimbabwe through provision of unparalleled thought leadership and cutting edge analysis on marketing related content.


To be the most preferred, trusted and go to source of information for all content related to Marketing in Zimbabwe.