Why NetOne is poised to take over

Why NetOne is poised to take over

By Benjamin Juru

There has been a lot of “noise” and publicity lately about the resurgence of NetOne as a force to reckon with in the telecoms space in Zimbabwe. This marketing and consumer generated noise has been centered around the run-away success of the trending OneFusion brand which has swept all competitor brands into oblivion and obscurity. As Sir Isaac Newton once said, “For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction”, there has been a fair share amount of opposition from skeptics and cynics who in their wisdom have branded this ascension as a gimmick and a PR stunt. I hope to in a few paragraphs dispel these myths, confound the critics and provide a dossier on the inescapable truths as to why NetOne is poised to take over and reclaim its former glory as the leading telecoms operator in Zimbabwe. Before I delve into the subject matter, it is important to note that the writer has worked for the two leading operators in Zimbabwe.

Numbers Don’t Lie

First things first, numbers don’t lie and with the announcement of NetOne results highlighting a record 5-year revenue growth on the back of a huge subscriber growth in the last year, the future indeed looks bright. Admittedly I’m not a finance person and cannot competently dabble into the full analysis of the numbers therein, gross profit, EBITDA, ARPU, CoS etc but nonetheless, the numbers presented demonstrate a positive growth trajectory for NetOne. The number matching feature by NetOne where they can match your last 6 digits has seen massive migrations from competitor subscribers who initially resisted the urge to switch. At this current trajectory, NetOne is well placed to overtake Econet as the leading operator in Zimbabwe within 24 months.

The OneFusion Effect

Hardly a week passes before one of my close associates (friends, relatives, business colleagues, acquaintances) SMS, post or tweet that they have moved to OneFusion and love it. The fact of the matter is that OneFusion despite being launched barely a year ago, it has taken the market by storm and hundreds of thousands have switched. The launch of OneFusion by NetOne was a game changer and it has dominated the market both in terms of numbers (subscribers, revenue), brand visibility, brand awareness and top of the mind awareness. NetOne competitors have struggled to not only match but compete with OneFusion and its functional benefits. OneFusion is a marvel and what a time it is to be alive for NetOne subscribers. The beauty about OneFusion and why it has been an overwhelming success is that it gives customers ultimate control over what they spend and the attractive packages are valid for a month. You can read more about it the different packages here.

Customer Experience

With Zimbabwe’s market penetration reaching saturation point, the best survival strategy which telcos have is to retain subscribers, subscriber retention is key. The best way to retain customers is to give them a delightful experience which converts them from being regular customers to brand advocates and evangelists. NetOne has successfully managed to convert customers into brand ambassadors through OneFusion. Subscriber retention is not only a survival but growth strategy as well via cross selling of products which creates organic growth. NetOne has over the past few months been increasing network coverage, optimizing the network in certain locations and increasing customer touch points. This is part of a broader retention and acquisition strategy which has already started to bear fruits as corroborated by the recent announcements. With NetOne’s competitors currently bedeviled by poor customer experience ranging from poor data connectivity, disappearing balances among others, there’s no better time than for NetOne to “attack and cream off” competitor subscribers. Our current economic challenges where most customers are value seekers present an exciting opportunity for NetOne which is consistently churning out value laden propositions.  

Human Capital

As John Maxwell once said, “Everything rises and falls on leadership” there’s no better way to examine why NetOne is on the path to greatness than a peek into the leadership. The turbulence at NetOne has subsided, a new leadership with a growth mandate was installed and every NetOne stakeholder (shareholders, customers etc) is beginning to enjoy the fruits thereof. The new NetOne leadership was instrumental in changing the market perceptions about brand NetOne and barely a week passes before a glowing article about NetOne is published as testament to the awakening of the sleeping giant.

The new leadership team has and is sowing seeds of future, eternal success for the business. The futuristic products and services that are continuously being churned into the market give credence to the perpetual success of NetOne. Consequently, the company is now the preferred employer of choice as several competitor staff jumped ship sensing the winds of change in the industry.

In conclusion, the story of NetOne is one of an awakened giant, a sleeping goliath who’s now ready to take his mantle. There are so many factors which can make all doubting Thomases believe that indeed NetOne is ready to reclaim its position as Zimbabwe’s leading operator. The numbers are telling the story, OneFusion is the talk of town, the brand ambassadors have their sickles in the fields harvesting competitor subscribers, the leadership team is steering the ship towards the land of milk and honey and a prosperous future for all NetOne stakeholders beckons

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Honestly i think your analysis is biased, it would have made more sense if you were an independent party with supporting evidence.There are fragments of truth as Econet's service is distasteful at times,but no doubt about it, it is indeed the market leader because it is innovative. Netone is offering a great service due subsidies as it is a government parastatal, but that does not provide them with sustainable competitive advantage! And the bureaucratic management style at Netone cripples its expansion. Christerbel Erica Mujaranji - 14 July 2017
Hezvo I hope you're not being paid by Netone to write this it sure is a low blow.If you decide to make an attack,attack with evidence to me this is just a bedtime story for me.goodnight guys Tambue - 4 July 2017
I love reading but this got me asking, what is he saying? Bro, we have seen how econet has been unfairly treated but lol, where is it now? The only thing keeping one fusion is the fact that there are no costs being incurred and that is the only thing you are offering to us free riders. That is not sustainable in the long run, mind you the market is full of people running where they can get freebies. There is a lot of work before the above dream is reached Takesure - 4 July 2017
I think there was need for the article to be supported with figures.The writer might be supporting Netone because that's where he's bread is now being buttered.There's need to have an independent view Fatso - 4 July 2017
I think there was need for the article to be supported with figures.The writer might be supporting Netone because that's where he's bread is now being buttered.There's need to have an independent view Fatso - 4 July 2017
On the surface that seems to be the case but I like a bit of reality check. If there is no profits its a problem, debt issues make the situation worse off. No innovation whatsoever and how do u expect to beat the game changers. I don't see any take over here. Sihle - 4 July 2017
Mawonero enyu muzaya but chokwadi chirikufire chii, ecocash. Dai isiriyo dai tiripi, ndozvinoita vahombe vanogara panyanga. First born - 4 July 2017
Onefusion is a good promotion on paper but not practically. Seriously who can afford to juice $5 all at once. Telecel megajuice has a better chance of making it than. Just because you now work for Netone you want to paint onefusion as if it will benefit the ordinary Zimbabwean. Nothing is original or creative. Brand Ambassadors something you are copying from Econet. Open your eyes and smell the coffee. One promotion won't save Netone. Oh we forgetting Netone doesn't have any expenses like the others. If Netone takes over its not coz they deserve it. It's coz of the government influence. We aren't that blind you know Mukunda - 4 July 2017
From the look of things this article seems to be full of fallacy and unsubstantiated claims,it's just in my own opinion a rhetoric claim by the NetOne guy to build castles in the air.My take in terms of performance would rather be Telecel other than Netone which have marketing myopia and imitates Econet in every context eg *111#,advertorial content .Telecel is way better in terms of network quality,product offers and performance compared to Netone which wants to make noise in the market for no apparent reason.Telecel is making great progress and is even financially sound in terms of business performance than.the $2.7million loss making NetOne .Tell someone that NetOne makes losses,and makes irrelevant noise.Telecel all the way. Daniel - 4 July 2017
Your article is so biased its painfu; to read. You now 'work for' not "worked" for Netone. Are you telling us that you don't see what MegaBonus by Telecel is doing or that the Zim currency is now EcoCash. Netone is not taking over anything as long as Zim has a cash crisis! Vongai - 4 July 2017
Improve on customer services, customer touch points and quality of services. I am nolonger worried about coverage. With that I bet it's in your hands Tasaranarwo - 3 July 2017
We need someone from the real terraces cde to do the review. GregTheMarketer - 3 July 2017

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