How to position your brand through Content Marketing

How to position your brand through Content Marketing

By Benjamin Juru

Brand positioning simply put is the process of positioning your brand in the mind of the consumer, it deals with creating the mental perception of how you want your customers perceive your brand. We often see brands and companies develop a brand positioning statement which is an apt description of whom the brand serves and the mental position it occupies in its defined market. What makes a brand unique, memorable is enshrined in the positioning statement and in this piece I want to share a few thoughts on how a brand can be strategically positioned through content marketing initiatives.

Content is king is a colloquial term we have all grown accustomed to and simply relates to the strategic importance of content and content marketing being the development and publishing valuable content. With the growth of the content marketing industry, I’m convinced that the future of marketing rests in brands being able to develop and share valuable content that positions them accurately in the market place. So how can you ensure that your brand occupies that ideal mental position?


Create content that adds value to your consumer?

So many brands spend a considerable amount of resources advertising shouting and making noise about how their brand is the best, the latest etc and forget that customers are not always interested in hearing all that BS. This philosophy is encapsulated in brands who employ the traditional approach to digital marketing i.e. they still create the same about me ads on digital media platforms instead of creating valuable shareable content which is the hallmark of the digital marketing philosophy. To position your brand correctly in your market one needs to develop, create, share valuable content that adds value to your target audience.

If you’re a property brand, why not share ways to avoid being defrauded when buying property, if you’re a mobile network brand why not share tips to save data etc. This is the bedrock of content marketing! The more content you develop and share, the more your target audience begin to trust your voice in matters relating to your industry and you thus achieve authority leadership. I’ve personally noted that I trust brands that create content which add value to my purchase and who consistently churn out non promotional content.

I would encourage you to take stock of your overall content that you’re pushing in the market and assess the nature of the content (self-promoting or value adding). If all you’ve been doing is buy this, we have launched that, then it might be necessary to start a new journey in repositioning your brand through content. Customers are not fools and especially those who consume content online where there’s an overload of information. Our quest as brands is to create clear, cut through, concise messages which resonates with our target audience such that when they encounter a “moment” they have a brand recall.

Content marketing helps you achieve brand recall and thus helps build trust in your brand. With so many brands and increased competition you want to be the trusted brand. Whilst there’s no excuse from having strong functional attributes of the brand content marketing helps you achieve top of the mind awareness and brand recall during the moment of truth.

In conclusion there’s several aspects that helps a brand achieve top of the mind awareness, brand recall and brand positioning. Aside from the requisite functional attributes, content marketing helps you own the space you’re operating in, it helps your brand be perceived as the authority leader and trusted voice in matters relating to your industry. Develop and create text, video and image content to position your brand as trusted voice and your customers will have a better brand recall.