Adwords 101: Why you need Adwords in your Marketing Mix

Adwords 101: Why you need Adwords in your Marketing Mix

By Benjamin Juru


The efficacy of digital marketing has and will also be evaluated on the basis of measurability, the ability to objectively determine the return on advertising spend (ROAS) from any campaign. With that, they are numerous digital platforms available at our disposal to effectively reach our target audiences. I want to share one of the most potent platforms which should form the crux of a digital marketing strategy, Google Adwords. Whatever marketing objective you’ve, there’s an opportunity to reach your target audience with Google Adwords. To the untrained eye, Adwords is basically the promotion of products, services, brands on the Google search engine, Google search and display partners and other Google related sites such as Maps, Gmail etc via pay per click advertising.
Google Adwords consists of namely 3 types of campaigns you can run, Search, Display and Video or a combination of these.

Search Advertising

Google is the biggest search engine in the world and according to the last official figures they availed in 2012, Google processes 3 billion search queries a day, 3 billion yes! These figures are 2012 stats and we won’t be far from the truth if we can say that figure has quadrupled. These stats only paint a picture that consumers are increasingly reverting to Google to ask for information about products and services, they are “searching” on Google. Google Adwords allows you to potentially reach these consumer segments who are searching everyday on Google. Search advertising allows you to create text ads that appear on top of the search engine results page (SERP) via targeted keywords which will trigger your ads. If you sell shoes and if a consumer searches for shoes on Google in your targeted location, your ads will appear in their search results. Below is an example of a search ad and shown by AD in yellow I ran for one of my campaigns.

Here are the advantages of a search campaign

  • Flexible budget – you can start with a budget of as little as $5/day and this refutes claims that it is expensive. In addition, you’ve an opportunity to create maximum bids for your ads to show. They are different bidding strategies you can employ, e.g. With pay per click (CPC), you only pay when a consumer clicks on your ad and cost per impressions (CPM) you only pay per thousand impressions you get an (CPA) cost per acquisition you only pay when a desired action has been completed.
  • Targeting – adwords allows you to target specific audience segments by location, gender, interests, age etc. Compared to your press ads, you’re reaching specific defined prospective segments.

Display Advertising

Similar to search ads, you can run display ads via Google adwords. Display ads can consists of image, banner and other rich imagery and can show on Google display partners and on YouTube.  Display advertising gives you the opportunity to make use of rich imagery, videos etc giving you flexibility in your ad formats. Display ads can be run independently of Google through other form, negotiating directly with publishers or real time biiding via programmatic buying. Below is an example of a display ad:

Here are the advantages of a display campaign

  • Managed placements – consider you sell women’s shoes and want to reach people not necessarily on Google but who read blogs magazines etc on women’s shoes, with managed placements, you can specifically target these segments. Managed placement is basically manually choosing which sites/blogs etc for your ads to appear.
  • Bid adjustments – with adwords, you can create flexible bid adjustments for your campaign. Consider the seller of women’s shoes, she wants to reach customers who are searching on mobile devices or in certain locations or at particular times, bid adjustments allows you to increase your auction bids so you get more visibility of your ads.
  • Rich ads – visuals are more compelling than text and this is well known secret in the world of advertising. Display ads allow you to create image centric, flash or video ads which dynamic content and powerful call to actions. In addition, display ads are great when running brand visibility campaigns.

In conclusion, this was just a snippet to bring you up to speed with what advertising on Google entails and there’s so much more to learn if you’re new in this field. Now that you’ve a basic understanding, I would urge you to identify an accredited individual or agency to help execute your adwords campaign. Google offers certification to individuals and agencies who have been deemed competent enough to execute Adwords campaigns and I’m proud to say I’m one of the certified individuals. Before you start your campaign, be sure to be crystal clear on what you want to achieve.

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