Remarketing 101

Remarketing 101

By Benjamin Juru

At the heart of digital marketing lies data analytics, which is the aggregation, analysis and processing of data to derive actionable insights and business intelligence. Digital marketing has given us numerous opportunities to evaluate pieces of consumer data such as demographic data, usage, browsing patterns through the various consumer interfaces. Our ability to reach the right consumers at the right time with the right message is priceless and forms the crux of digital media platforms. The greater challenge however remains conversion, how do we generate and ultimately convert leads into sales? how can we ensure the consumer who views our display, search or social media ad or had some level of interaction with our digital assets ultimately converts?

Remarketing is a concept that helps you reach (remarket) a consumer who had a certain level of interaction with your ad, website, mobile app or any of your digital assets. Think of a consumer who visited your shop and left their mobile number, you can easily call or visit them for repeat purchases. Remarketing is a powerful tool that you can use to reach consumers whom you've interacted with prior, if a consumer did not convert, you've the ability to push messages to them until they convert. As we know from our Consumer Behavior 101, consumers move through various stages in the purchasing cycle and thus we can capture them at various stages with enticing call to actions. Remarketing is a concept that is available on various online advertising platforms namely, Facebook Advertising, Twitter Advertising and Display Advertising. Let's take a look Social Media Advertising;

Social Media Advertising

Remarketing via Facebook Advertising allows you to reach Facebook users who have previously visited your website. This is quite advantageous because you're reaching users whom you know have a level of interest in your business. This feature is available in Ads manager where you need to generate a Pixel code which you then upload on your website. So technically, if a user visits your website, the code is activated and they are automatically added to a custom audience segment. Instructions on how to add to code to your website are given or you can have your web developer insert it for you.

Twitter follows the same process in that, you need to create a custom audience by generating a code which you upload on your website. All website visitors with active Twitter accounts are automatically added to this remarketing list. The beauty of using remarketing in social media advertising is surgical accuracy, you reach a user who has been to your site before and that significantly increases chances of conversion.
In conclusion, Digital advertising is all about conversion, despite your other branding objectives it's ultimately about return on advertising spend. If you can achieve a positive ROAS then you will appreciate the potency of digital media channels. In the next edition, I will highlight how you can make use of Remarketing in running Adwords campaigns.

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