Why the UAE is poised for sustainable prosperity

Why the UAE is poised for sustainable prosperity

By Benjamin Juru


I've lately been researching about why the United Arab Emirates is arguably the fastest growing economy in the world and I've to my greatest satisfaction learnt that it's all about leadership. John Maxwell one of the distinguished leaders of our generation marked that "Everything rises and falls on leadership" and nothing can be further from the truth about the remarkable rise of the UAE to become one of the best destinations in the world.

The UAE I believe, could not have achieved it's status today without visionary leadership and I felt compelled to share one of the articles by HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum where he shared a note on the state of UAE's economy and below is the link to the article.If you're an African like myself and specially a Zimbo this should lead you to question our leadership who are seemingly concerned about who will rule instead of developing the nation.


Read and be inspired by one of the greatest leaders of our generation.

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I am ashamed to have learnt "African Studies" as part of my undergraduate degree. We learnt nothing about Africa. That course should be struck off my transcript. We learnt nothing about Kwame Nkrumah's vision for Africa, nor about the effects of neo colonialism, and why Africa is so backward, and what solutions are needed to get Africa on the world map again. So when we read about His Highness Mohammad bin Rashid Al Makhtoum, he is not African, and it will take some serious culture shifts to get to where UAE is now. Edmund - 5 March 2016
Testing GA Test - 21 December 2015

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