Embrace tech or become irrelevant!

Embrace tech or become irrelevant!

By Benjamin Juru

I’ve chosen to write about this somewhat controversial topic after witnessing some of my colleagues seemingly act oblivious to what technology is doing to us in this digital age. Needless to mention, we are living in the digital age, the connected world, the globalized village where everything is connected to one thing or the other. My worry is that given the direction where we are going some of us might be rendered irrelevant, redundant because we would have failed to embrace the future.

I want to highlight 3 things which if you don’t change you might find yourself becoming more and more irrelevant in your work, business, home as the world progresses.

  • Continue shunning social networking sites

Understandably not all of us are digital natives or better still digital immigrants but sadly we have some of us who still perceive social media with disdain. Cdes, social media is here to stay and the sooner we embrace it the better, many social network sites are going to be launched in the next few years and our phobia will not help us in any way. The argument is not for us to be actively involved in social media posting, liking, tweeting and retweeting, pinning and hashtaging but to appreciate it as an integral part of our lives. We need to embrace social media and the role it plays in our lives, the Maslow human needs for belonging remain and social media is helping to keep us connected with friends.

  • Preference for brick and mortar

The rise of digital technologies is slowly eliminating the traditional structures of brick and mortar.  As we progress into the future, technology will continue disrupting the traditional brick and mortar models, something we are witnessing in the mobile payment systems. Previously we needed to visit the banking hall to perform transactions, now we can do all banking transactions in the comfort of our homes! EcoCash in Zimbabwe and M-Pesa in Kenya are run away success stories in the world, which have disrupted the traditional banking models. Our love to visit and interact with brick and mortar is coming to an end, in future our kids will not need to physically be in schools, they will learn from home, work will be done at home and all these realities are coming our way sooner or later.

  • Love hate relationship with technology

I must admit, I hate it when people hate on any technological advancement, the rise of smart cars, smart homes, smart cities, bio-technology etc. we need to embrace technology because it is simplifying our lives, we live in a connected world where there’s almost an app for everything we need from booking flights, checking in, checking our health, you name it.  We are braced for an exciting time in the history of mankind as technology continues to evolve, imagine walking into a shop and buying groceries without having to stand in the paying queue? The future of retailing!  This exciting period will make it impossible to exist if you do not embrace what technology is doing to us.

In conclusion, if you’re technophobic, now is the time to start embracing technology and the digitalized world. We cannot afford to remain conventional in our thinking as individuals or businesses, we need to embrace the future and begin to strategize on the potential impact of technology. The emergence of robots mean that so many workers will lose jobs, the continued growth of m-commerce will lead to closures of some businesses particularly in Africa. The future is upon us, it’s scary but we need to embrace it!

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