You work for yourself and not your company

You work for yourself and not your company

By Benjamin Juru

One the things my pastor Tom Deuschle has taught us is to "Take Responsibility" in all the facets of our lives and not shift blame to other people. This subject matter resonates very well with those of us under employment and I want to surprise and tell you that you work for yourself not your company, yes you! You're responsible for where you are, the company you work for, your current earnings, your current position, all of that it's all because of you!

Having said that, the bottom line is you work for yourself and not your company and if you're not happy with what you earn and where you're it's primarily because you're not working hard for yourself. The world and our companies do not owe us a living, the world system has been designed to reward not only the best, but the determined and the risk takers. It's true that they are so many intervening variables which one way or the other influence who we become but the overriding fact is that you work for yourself. If you do not work hard, you don't get the raise or bonus, if you do not seek out other opportunities outside your company, you will remain stuck, if you do not learn new things, you don't grow, it's that simple!

We need to take 100% responsibility of where we are and focus on how we can better ourselves without shifting the blame to the government or the economic variables. If you're ever going to become great, you need to rise above blame shifting, finger pointing behaviours and believe that greatness is not confined to one's environment but in oneself.

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very true article my brother, i second you on that Saimon Dohwe - 28 April 2015

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