Why Everyone Needs Digital Skills

Why Everyone Needs Digital Skills

By Benjamin Juru


One of the greatest leaders of all time and former president of the United States of America Abraham Lincoln coined one of my best phrases “The best way to predict the future is to create it." In this he meant that the best way for one to predict the future with reasonable accuracy is to forsee what it holds and plan and create the conditions NOW necessary for you to succeed LATER. This quote I believe resonates more with us in the this digital age where it is now easier to predict the future more than ever before in the history of mankind. Technology is driving and will continue determining how we live and relate with others, we are living in the digital world, the connected world which some love to call the “internet of things”.  The digital world unlike generations before us, present unique and exciting opportunities for one to equip themselves for posterity, in short the emergence of the digital world has naturally created the digital economy which requires digital skills which are not exclusively academic. If ever one is going to position themselves for the future, the time is now to begin to equip yourself with digital skills! 


As rightfuly coined by President Lincoln, I’m of the conviction that our future prosperity as young people is directly proportional to the extent to which we equip ourselves with the tools and skills to combat future challenges the world presents us. Never have we become more certain that the future belongs to the digitally equipped, those who possess the skills and knowhow to take advantage of technology and create everyday solutions. The biggest and fastest growing companies are all tech related, these days we see young people creating apps and building businesses from as early as 17, read this story for more. This is a pattern that we will continue to see into the future, more and more tech innovations, apps, etc will be launched as the frontiers of technology continue to increase. 


Undoubtedly, technology has made our lives a lot easy, we live in a connected world where there’s almost an app for everything we need from booking flights, checking in, checking our health, you name it. As the internet of things continues to grow and internet becomes cheaper with faster speeds in developing countries we are braced for an exciting time in the history of mankind. This exciting period will make it impossible to exist if you’re “digitally naïve” and still shun technology. The future belongs to individuals and businesses who position themselves now to be able to take advantage of the growth and influence of technology on our everyday lives. In Zimbabwe we now have tech hubs, innovation centers, incubator programmes facilitating the growth of digital skills with one Muzinda Hub at the forefront. 

Muzinda Hub is one of the leading tech hubs in Zimbabwe which has taken it upon themselves to equip and develop digital and entreprenuerial skills in young people in Zimbabwe. Muzinda was birthed by one of the greatest leaders of our time, Tsitsi and Dr Strive Masiyiwa, a man who over the past year has dedicated his time to equipping the next generation with entrepreneurial and other skills needed for the future. Dr Strive Masiyiwa regularly posts business nuggets on his personal Facebook page and blog here, where he shares how he has navigated the entreprenerial jungle to become one of Africa's godfathers. Muzinda Hub offers training in various programmes like coding, social media, entreprenuership, financial intelligence etc and given that the world is gravitating from smartphones, apps, into smart cars, smart cities, smart homes, you might want to enrol in a coding course! 

In conclusion, I will reiterate the fact that your future prosperity is hinged upon your ability to predict the future and plan and act now. The future is in digital where technology will continue to disrupt the conventional way of thinking, our kids are growing up with iPads, iPhones when we grew up playing by the roadside and the time is now to begin to position ourselves correctly for the future. 

Some of us might think Digital is confined to developers but trust me technology is disrupting every industry you can think of, in the future auditing will be done by a click of a button, prosecutors will only need access to your laptop and phone to prosecute, doctors are already starting to feel the pinch through m-health. Zimbabwe might not be fully ready now but the future is clearly upon us, soon or later!

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