The curious case of Mapostori and Zvirikumbofambasei Memes shows Zimbabwe is ready for Content Marketing

The curious case of Mapostori and Zvirikumbofambasei Memes shows Zimbabwe is ready for Content Marketing

By Benjamin Juru

Of late Zimbabweans have been caught in a wave of seemingly unending memes with the first to light the country being the “Zvirikumbofambasei” and now “Mapostori”. While some of these memes border on the controversial, to us marketers it is indicative of how the Zimbabwean market is ready for content marketing. Whether we believe it or not, content is king and remains king!

I wrote a bit about content marketing here as I shared on how this dispensation calls for more content marketers than ever before. The opening up of the digital age has brought inbound marketing where our customers are now “speaking” to us through various online platforms, social media, blogs etc, they now have a voice and they can literally assassinate any brand at will. Back to our memes, ever since Uncle Richie coined the “Zvirikufambasei” phrase we have seem numerous versions sprout, memes some controversial, some bordering on the insane and these have literally spread like fire via WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook again highlighting the power and voice which consumers have.


Zimbabweans or consumers in general are crying out for exciting content from brands and they are ready to amplify the brand’s message. From the Mapostori epic, we have seen consumers generating content and publishing it via WhatsApp and social media with memes like “Eco-Tsvimbo” (coined in relation to Econet’s brands). This level of ingenuity in the creation of viral content leaves one to wonder if they are people who sit down and think through some of the content we receive specially via WhatsApp. Below are some of the creative content, despite the controversy but this is great content.

Unotoshaya kuti zvirikumbofambasei

All these memes demonstrate to us that our local market is ready to embrace exciting content and it takes a strategic approach to content marketing to achieve that. Imagine if brands could start creating stories and content that can go viral just like “Zvirikumbofambasei” imagine the impact in terms of brand visibility and how much brand equity you can accumulate from that? There’s great appetite for exciting content and it is up to us marketers to embrace this challenge and begin to think without the box in creating engaging and meaningful content. The key to unlocking WhatsApp as a potential media channel rests in content marketing, as long as brands do not step of their comfort zones, their “media schedules” we will never realize the true potential of WhatsApp. Truth be told, some of it requires brands to be brave and trode the controversial path if need be.

I rest my case :-) 

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I agree! The Zim market is full of life and humour, a brand needs to tap into that. I would use WeChat as a platform for this instead of whatsapp though. WeChat allows the brand to create and own their channel - an IM tool for marketers ;) Chipo - 16 June 2014
Benj, you are very right on this issue of content and viral marketing, it remains untapped here in Zimbabwe and I think its high time the ball should start rolling as its effects has been shown by the spread of Zvirikumbofamba sei and Eco Tsvimbo. Its a wake up call for us all. Erengai Gwiza - 12 June 2014

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