What is that in your hand? A rod? An ex-pose on how to start your own business

What is that in your hand? A rod? An ex-pose on how to start your own business

By Benjamin Juru

Benjamin Juru is a Digital Marketing Consultant and Speaker with special interests in Social Media and Content Marketing. He is vastly experienced and has a passion to see Zimbabwean marketers adopt Digital Marketing. 


What is that is your hand is a quote from a passage of scripture in Exodus 4:2 where Moses is arguing with God and demanding that He shows him a sign to corroborate the fact that he was indeed sent by God. God then asks Moses “What is that in your hand?” A rod, he said”, well I would like to dwell my thoughts on this quote “What is that in your hand” and try demonstrate that what we need in our lives is already in our possession. Moses thought he needed more than he had to achieve the promises of God upon his life and for many of us it’s a fallacy we have believed over time and has incapacitated us from taking the necessary steps we need to move from one level of success to another.

Today I want to ask you, “What is that in your hand?” a rod, fine! Going back to Moses, he thought it was just a rod, something insignificant, a mere rod incapable of producing anything but as we learnt later in the bible, it was the same rod he used to strike a rock and water gushed out, it was the same rod that parted the red sea. What we learn from this passage of scripture is that whatever we need to succeed, progress or achieve significance in life we already have it! Yes we already have despite the fact that some of us don’t see it, appreciate it or use it, that’s besides the point, the fact is you already have it. I’m convinced and even the bible clearly spells it out, God has given us everything that pertains to life and godliness. Imagine if Moses hadn’t known what his rod was capable of? Imagine if He neglected it?

I want to draw our attention to one subject matter which for many is equaling daunting to contemplate yet alone try implement, starting a business. Being an entrepreneur is often considered a risky affair, trying to navigate the business jungle is quite intimidating but I would like to bring out some mitigating factors to assuage your fears about starting a business. First things first, you can start a business, anyone can start a business, there’s no special grace or ability with those who have already gone before us, all we need is understanding and the courage to begin. 

The best way to start a business or to generate a great business idea begins with self-examination, self-analysis and unravel your God given abilities, talents and acquired skill and then develop a business idea out of that. What am I saying? Moses in your hand is interests, passions, desires, and acquired skills! All you need is to harness these and develop a business out of it.

Here's 2 ways on how you can generate a great business idea.

  1. Your interests, passions and desires
  2. Your skill set, what are you good at

Your interests, passions and desires are the easiest ways of developing a business idea. What interests you? What are you passionate about? What consumes you? The moment we begin to accurately and honestly answer these questions about ourselves, business ideas predictably spring to mind. Some of us love cooking, baking, why not start a confectionery business? A restaurant? By doing things you naturally enjoy doing you exponentially increase your chances of succeeding in that line of business. I’m convinced the best way to start a business is to align your business idea to your interests, desires and passions so that you can effortlessly pursue your dreams because the passion is already there what’s left is education, capital and perseverance.

Your skill set is the next best source of business ideas, what are you good at? What can you do best etc? Most of today’s entrepreneurs are people who have started businesses aligned to their technical skill. Strive Masiyiwa is an engineer who started a telecoms business Econet Wireless, Bill Gates is a software developer who started a software development company, Nigel studied banking and started a bank, the list is endless. The key to unlocking your entrepreneurial potential is to develop your business around your skill set, if you’re good with people why not start a motivational company? If you can paint why not starting a painting business? If you start a business around your skill you hedge yourself against negative forces because you’re technically sound. Your skills are the gateway to entrepreneurship, most of the tech giant companies today Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, LinkedIn, Group On, Angry Birds etc were built by guys who are good in coding and harnessed their skill into a business venture. So what are you waiting for, Joker once said in the movie Dark Knight, if you’re good at something, never do it for free! The rod is your hand, the skill you’ve is all you need!

In conclusion, my arguments above were meant to motivate you, to stimulate and initiate your thinking processes about where your life could potentially be in the next five years. Just recently Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19bn just 5 years after Facebook had rejected one of the WhatsApp founders but he developed a business venture by making use of his technical skill. While my arguments some might say they are overly simplistic but these are all facts we have to contend with, they are other factors like capital etc but still we cannot make any excuses for not starting businesses. This could just be what you need to move from where you are to where you want to be. Whatever you need to start your business you already have it!

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Well said, very enlightening!!!!! Samuel Mashezha - 14 January 2017
very much equipped, thank you Petmore M Ndlovu - 31 July 2015

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