Self Mastery: The key to a successful life

Self Mastery: The key to a successful life

By Benjamin Juru

As we live our everyday lives, it is vital that we are always conscious of the indisputable fact that SELF MASTERY is the key to a successful life. Self Mastery consists in the ability to exercise self restrain to be a master of your own self as Plato aptly put it across "the greatest victory of all is to conquer self". The ability to restrain yourself from certain pleasures, to do stuff which your body doesn't feel like and to push yourself out of the comfort zone is central to our success. Nobody likes to wake up to go to work or school but we do because we are determined to succeed and success consists in the series of small steps done repeatedly and consistently over time.

According to Plato, man’s greatest enemy to achieving their purpose and fulfilling their destiny is self. Many of us at times do more harm to ourselves than other people can, the propensity to self destruct is amusing at times and we achieve this through engaging in vain pursuits, poor diets, bad habits, tempers etc. all these things contribute to self-destruction. The bible says that he who controls himself is better than he takes a city, this implies that to achieve the most basic success in life all you need to do is to tame yourself!

Self-mastery is also exhibited in our priorities, someone once said you can never reach your potential until your priorities become habitual. Your ability to prioritize speak volumes of your self-management, if you can’t manage yourself then you can never amount to anything in life. There’s no secret to self-mastery but just an ability to say no to yourself and respect yourself enough to abide by your words. I would like to challenge you to take stock of your priorities via a vis your goals, are you working towards the achievement of your goals? we are 30 days into the new year and are you still on track with your new year resolutions? 

There's nothing more important to our success than self mastery and once we master the ability to tame ourselves, our success becomes a matter of when and not if. 

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