How Badly Do You Want Something: The case of Absalom

How Badly Do You Want Something: The case of Absalom

By Benjamin Juru

In 2 Sam 14: 28 - 33 the bible tells Absalom had spent 2 years without coming into the King's presence something which he was desperate for.  Absalom resolved that the best way to get through to the King was through Joab and so he sent for Joab the King's righthand man but Joab would not come to him and he tried again but he failed. However that did not stop him from pursuing his goal and he resorted to unorthodox means, he BURNT Joab's field to attract the attention of Joab and predictably so, he responded and led him to the King.

The story of Absalom resonates very well with most of us, we have goals we are pursuing, targets we want to achieve and missions to accomplish but things don't always go according to plan, we face so many hurdles and some of them seem insurmountable. Like Absalom, we sense, feel, see an unwillingness to act by people, things, universe, bosses, etc to our request but we should not relent even in the face of resistance. Today I challenge you and ask you, how badly do you want what you want? How desperate are you? Absalom desperately wanted to be in the King's presence and decided to burn the fields of Joab to attract his attention and ultimately connect him to the King and he succeeded.

He pursued unconventional means to achieve his goal because he was desperate for something, the desire to be in the King’s presence consumed him and in turn galvanized him to do some something outrageous! For some of us we might need to employ seemingly devious tactics to get the attention we need and accomplish our dreams. Ask yourself, do you need to confront your MD for that job promotion? what outrageous thing might you need to do to get to your goal? Absalom did the most of unthinkable tactics, very unorthodox but history remembers him as a man who badly wanted something, exhausted all his options and accomplished his mission.

A few key lessons we learn from Absalom's escapade:

    Be clear about what you want

What exactly do you want? What are you passionate about? What’s on your mind? These are all pertinent questions we need to ask ourselves. Absalom wanted to be in the King’s presence and he was crystal clear about it. First things first, be clear about what you want

    Identify your critical path

Absalom identified the critical path to his goal, he knew he had to go through Joab and went for that. What is your critical path? what steps do you need to follow to your dream? Who’s holding the keys to your destiny? Identifying your critical path informs you on the strategies and steps you need to follow to achieve your dream.

    Study your opponents and proponents

It is fair to say that Absalom knew the weaknesses and the strengths of Joab, he knew exactly where to hit to arouse his attention. He knew that if he went and burnt Joab’s field he would provoke a response and predictably so, he was right! Studying your opponents and proponents is paramount to our quest for success and this taps into our social skills. Identify the weaknesses of your opponents and prey on them.

    Stop at nothing and be relentless

Success is all about not giving up and Absalom did not relent despite sending emissaries and them being denied twice. If you badly want something chances are you won’t throw in the towel and the challenge for most of us is lack of perseverance and indomitable will. It is often said, the hardest rock will yield to those who drill with determination and we need to keep a dogged mentality in the pursuit of our goals.

    Be bold and do something audacious

Audacity is often associated with successful people. Absalom had the audacity to burn the field of Joab without any fear of the potential repercussions of his actions. To the untrained eye, he basically said that “the consequences of my actions will be great but those of my inactions grave” and went ahead and lit the place. What’s that bold move you’re willing to take? What can you risk to attain the future you desire. Be bold, be courageous and show some serious guts!

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