Toyota's Creepy, Gruesome Advert: My Thoughts

Toyota's Creepy, Gruesome Advert: My Thoughts

By Benjamin Juru

Well as I was going through my normal business checking out stuff happening online something struck me, creepy and gruesome! OMG!! it's an advert and for goodness sake it's an advert from Toyota Zimbabwe an entity by it's very nature even to the untrained eye is supposed to entice me with words like drive in comfort, super safe, super fast, stable ride bla blah blah; but alas, to our shock and disbilief they have created an advert that is creepy and gruesome to even look at.

While we may not fully understand the racio decidendi they are basic tenets of communication which we duly expect every marketer even in their own right to abide by.

Firstly understand your target market, whom are you talking to, who are they, what makes them who they are and what they do. To us it seems the Toyota advert is targeted at those who would derive fun out of watching horror movies that even an immediate glance at the picture would quickly and involuntarily force them to want to know more. Creating an advert that says "Pray you don't become Prey" with creepy pictures isn't the best of ways to communicate with potential customers who are looking out to buy a new car. Instead of focusing on the functional and emotional benefits of brand Toyota, what a customer reads is a strong warning that if you do otherwise you've literally become prey for the scavenging predators. This is bad marketing.

Secondly, going back to basics MARK 101 the C in the ABC concept, communication. The key message from Toyota's advert was "you better hope and pray that you're not devoured by scavengers" counterfeits that is. Well to the untrained eye, the key message is not clear, are they trying to imply that if one buys the Ex Japs those are counterfiet vehicles? the most important thing in any advert is the key message! what are you saying to the potential customer and what do you want them to do after and the call to action simple as that. There's no call to action in the advert, if a customer sees the ad what are they supposed to do?? run away maybe or quickly close the page and in turn increase the bounce rate of the advertiser's wesite.

Thirdly, the use of visuals in any communication is very important. Good visuals amplify the message it's the A in the ABC concept, attention is very critical. Does the ad immediately arouse my attention, do I stop what i'm doing to look at it? does it make me gasp for air? well the Toyota one does really well in that with the exception that shivers begin to run down my spine and I automatically become disinterested.

In conclusion, what do we learn from this?

1. Creepy ads are not the best way of enticing your customers

2. Visuals, Call to action, understanding of target market and Key message are the basic tenets of any form of advertising.

3. Marketing is about return on investment, the click throughs to your site, referral traffic and goal conversion is all that matters when it comes to online marketing.

I rest my case!

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