Fundamentals of Success

Fundamentals of Success

By Benjamin Juru

Fundamentals of success: One of the most potent weapons of success we have but rarely use is doing our best, as simple as that! Your ability to exert yourself fully, to avoid shortcuts and choosing the difficult path is often what separates achievers from non achievers. When you're in a corporate environment, school, church or wherever and whatever you do, let's learn the value and importance of doing our best.
Doing our best can also entail going the extra mile, when you're given something to do, don't do a rushed job, give it your best shot, do more than what's required, exert yourself fully and you will be amazed at the success you can have. How many times have you felt you've done your best? This week I challenge us to do our best no matter how small or supposedly insignificant the task we have!

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