Benjamin T Juru

My name is Benjamin T. Juru and I love what I do just like most of us. I like to analyze things from a distance, what they call "a view from the terraces" and just share my thoughts with the world. This blog is entirely about my experiences, motivations and inspirations, I can just look at something and immediately thoughts, ideas begin to flow through my head and i put them down. I'm passionate about Marketing particularly Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing. I'm a strategic and analytical thinker with a strong business acumen. I love entreprenuers and strongly believe we need more entrepreneurs than ever before. I'm equally enthusistic about technology and how it is simplyfing our lives, my goal is to be the catalyst for digital evolution within marketing to help our local marketers harness the power of social and digital media to unlock value for their customers.   

I'm also available on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest, Flickr you name it...

Well I support Chelsea, Brazil, just for the record